Why I Love Vintage

My biggest love is being able to create beautiful vintage-inspired wedding dresses for today’s brides as to me, vintage is so special and to be treasured.

I often think the word ‘vintage’ means different things to different people.  Some think of pure glamour and the Hollywood movies, others a lovely afternoon in a tea shop in the country, whilst for some it conjures up the smell of moth balls and a load of old tat; all of which are totally appealing to me!

 One of my favourite vintage-inspired dresses 

One of my favourite vintage-inspired dresses 

What I love most is the challenge of finding that piece of ‘treasure’ tucked away in a dusty corner of an antiques/collector’s shop; finding something that it totally individual and full of personality to replace the mass-produced items that are common to most people’s homes and wardrobes.

As an art student back in the 80s, a jumble sale was a thing of beauty.  Frustratingly, I was always a little too shy to elbow my way to the front, but I still found plenty of amazing clothes.

Back then you could easily find gorgeous 1950's cotton dresses, nipped in at the waist with beautiful rose or geometric prints.  My love for this era was born from my love of textiles, prints and colour.  I was studying for my degree in embroidered and woven textiles and couldn’t get enough of these beautiful, and best of all, cheap clothes.

My look was always finished off with a hat and handbag, always second hand.  Big brimmed raffia hats in fabulous colours for the summer, felt and velvet cloche hats in the winter.

Vintage is the very best form of recycling, both for clothing and nest building and it is so much fun searching through all the weird and wonderful bits in the hope of finding something you can totally fall in love with.

When I rummage around a junk shop, I am constantly reminded of my past and am filled with nostalgia.  Beryl wear tea cups Aunty Agnes used to have, crochet doilies like the ones my grandmother made. Valet stands remind me of my grandfather taking such care of his clothing. (I have two in my bedroom and would highly recommend them)!  These everyday items of little monetary value are filled with happy memories of loved ones no longer here.

 One of my favourite hats in such a beautiful colour - I just need somewhere to wear it!

One of my favourite hats in such a beautiful colour - I just need somewhere to wear it!

I have a huge affection for older people.  I love to hear stories from the past and to remember my wonderful grandparents, aunts and uncles.  The make-do-and-mend generation from whom we have a lot to learn. 

My career in fashion was always high-street based, forever chasing the next trend with high volume, fast production and big factories.  As I grew older, the feeling of being disconnected to myself and my values kept increasing.

In moving my career from the corporate world into my own small business I am able to put my time, energy and passion into designing and making the clothes that I love.

It was a no brainer for me to embrace my love of vintage.  I am so fortunate to be able to follow my heart in what I am doing now, and to take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each dress.    

Stuart Moore