A Day Out In Brick Lane

For me, it's really important to keep feeling inspired so whenever I feel in need of vintage therapy, I jump on the train and head for the Brick Lane area of London.  Starting at Old Spitalfields Market which has antiques and collectors every Thursday, it is a lovely mix of bric-a-brac with clothing.  


My favourite streets around this area which are packed with all kinds of vintage shops are Hanbury Street, Brick Lane and Cheshire Street.  There is something for every budget, House of Vintage for designer labels to Beyond Retro for all us bargain hunters.

Over the years, I have acquired quite a collection of clothing and accessories and for me, half the fun is not knowing what you will find amongst the nylon horrors. 

I love the vibrancy of the area, and although it has become a lot more trendy in recent years, it still feels like you are in the heart of the East End as you dart between the 18th century houses tracing the steps of Jack the Ripper, then grabbing yourself a beigel from Beigel Bake (open 24 hours).

Whenever I go to the area I always come back with new, fresh ideas to incorporate into my designing and collection so I'm always hugely grateful that such a wealth of inspiration is only up the road.


Stuart Moore