The Beautiful Petticoat

The unsung hero of your wedding dress will be your petticoat, so choose it with care.

Many manufacturers sew the petticoat directly into the dress, making it un-attachable; I prefer to keep my petticoats separate to the dress.  By doing this there is the option to customise your dress by adding a contrast coloured petticoat, and potentially wearing your dress again as an evening dress.

 My Liliana Dress ready waiting for its owner! 

My Liliana Dress ready waiting for its owner! 

There is also the choice of wearing two petticoats to give your circle skirt maximum volume.

Some people prefer a stiffened net, which gives a lovely crunchy volume, whilst softer nets achiever a softer look.

Petticoats are usually constructed from an inner soft lining, then have three tiers of net increasing in volume, slim at the waist and super full at the hem line.

Hems can be finished with a ribbon binding, either to match or in a contrast colour.  Hems can also have an embroidery overlocked edge, a lace edging added, or it can simply be a clean cut edge.

I like to sew a small blue ribbon into my petticoats as the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ tradition.

The waist bands are usually elasticated, although a Velcro fastening is also possible.

I absolutely love petticoats, they give the dress its shape and the ability to customise your finished look. By adding contrast coloured net or edgings, the possibilities to personalise your finished look are endless.

Stuart MooreComment